Markus Scholz


Senior Consultant

Dr Markus Scholz


Experience since 1994

  • PharmaKorell GmbH, DE-Lörrach
  • Develco Pharma GmbH, DE-Schopfheim
  • Solvias AG, CH-Kaiseraugst
  • Streuli Pharma AG, CH-Uznach
  • Mepha AG, CH-Aesch
  • SF-Chem, CH-Pratteln
  • Eurofins Scientific AG, CH-Birsfelden
  • Buck System GmbH, DE-Neuenburg


  • Ph.D. in Natural Sciences (Physical chemistry), Universität Basel, CH-Basel
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry, Universität Basel,


Experience so far

Head of analytical development (development, validation, transfer of test methods, cleaning validation); Development of generics (small molecules); Head of quality control (solid and liquid dosage forms; analytical batch release); Head of Stability; Project management for internal and external customers; Customer support; Process optimization; Securing GMP compliance in laboratories; Compilation of registration documents (CTD, IMPD)