Good advice does not come cheap, but bad advice is even more costly. The initial discussion is free of charge whatever the outcome. If we can make you an appropriate offer, we will provide you with a cost estimate. There will be no expenses on your side until we receive your order in writing. It is up to you to hand over all your tasks to our team otherwise you can cover as much as possible through your own staff.

In case we consider it advantageous to involve an external partner (e.g. a specialized analytical laboratory), names and costs will be disclosed in our estimate. In any case, project management responsibilities stay with us, so that you will only have one partner to deal with.

Depending on the project in question our cost estimates usually have one of the following formats, but we are open to adapt to your needs:


Fixed price or flat rate

Fixed prices for less complex projects which are executed mainly by our staff. Our fixed price guarantee covers the duration of the whole project. All related costs are included (e.g. material costs, travel expenses, etc.).

Examples: supplier audit; in-house GMP training courses; routine batch release


Flat rate per case for recurring, defined tasks.

Examples: Annual writing of product quality reviews; performance of follow-up stability studies for licensed pharmaceuticals.

Settlement by expense

Charges are calculated on a time-and-materials basis for projects where complexity does not allow a detailed calculation in advance.

Examples: Preparation, attendance, and follow-up of inspections by the health authorities; revision of SOP systems; acting in the position of Qualified Person for pharmacovigilance. These cost estimates include hourly rates of consultants and staff. Each month you will receive a time sheet with a detailed documentation of the work process.

If no fixed price is agreed, the following terms and conditions apply for travel expenses:

Travel expenses are charged individually. Travel time is charged at 50% of the hourly rate, but a maximum of 50% of ten-hour rates per outward journey or return journey. If requested, we provide you with detailed information on the estimated costs.