A look behind the scenes! On our latest audit trip, we visited CUP Laboratorien Dr. Freitag GmbH in Radeberg. Every two years we carry out an audit there, to neutrally check the compliance with the necessary GMP standards and document the status in an audit report. CUP Laboratories is a reputable service provider for contract analyses of complex products. These include in particular radiopharmaceuticals, lyophylisates and sterile products.

In addition to auditing, our team, consisting of Susanne Zwicky-Beisele and Dr. Markus Scholz, had the opportunity to exchange views with the staff members who are primarily responsible for quality, including Antje Flechsig, Kristina Zschiedrich, and Dr. Theres Ramenda.

At PharmaKorell, we take pride in making a significant contribution to the quality assurance of pharmaceuticals through advice and auditing of manufacturing companies and quality control laboratories. This way, we support a high-quality supply of medication for patients and the development of innovative therapies for diseases that have not yet been cured.